Exhibition in the dark

Since 2014. EQUAL has been training visually impaired to be able to be self-sufficient in their daily living. A series of sessions have been performed on first aid, ironing and cooking classes and make-up. More than 40 sessions have been provided since 2016 to date.

The visually impaired are being prepared to live alone in houses once their actual support is no longer made available.

At present and as a continuation to the current activities, EQUAL is preparing for an exhibition in the dark for the total immersion of people in the life of the visually impaired persons.

Imagine that there are no light and you must find your way in the darkness by touching, smelling and tasting!

A container will be divided in sections; each one of these represents a part of a house (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). The visitor will enter the premises blindfolded and will have to recognize material, furniture, smells, sounds, etc. At the exit door, he/she will have the possibility to discuss with EQUAL time about the concept and content of the exhibition as well as the activities of EQUAL.

The container will be placed in Zeitouna Bay, Marina area and the souk of Jbeil during three consecutive weekends allowing people to visit it at no charge. The dates of the exhibition are not set yet and are pending the approval of the Ministry of the Interior as well as the concerned municipalities.