Fight Against Hunger


Multiple families suffer from hunger and malnutrition.  They do not have enough to eat and in most of the cases, they cannot equilibrate their meals to avoid health problems.


EQUAL strives to help the forgotten and vulnerable persons who are unable to eat sufficient food and meet basic nutritional needs while ensuring them a dignified life. Food boxes are provided on a regular basis to the neediest.  A regular follow-up is performed by a social assistant who visits their houses, detecting the needs and providing the boxes.

A family medicine doctor checks their health booklets and examines the beneficiaries detecting deficiencies and weaknesses.

A dentist performs routine checkups in order to avoid dental problems and refers the critical cases to specialized doctors.


Since 2014:

  • 40,000 meals were offered
  • 2,000 vulnerable persons were reached with food assistance
  • 2,500 food boxes were distributed to families in need