Child Protection


A high percentage of children in Lebanon experience violence such as physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, child labor as well as corporal punishment in houses or at schools in addition to neglect or deliberate deprivation.

Whether they are refugees and flew from conflicted areas or live in disadvantaged areas in Lebanon, they are the daily victims of this violence.  


Children are the future men and women of our society. Protecting them is reducing the risks on their well-being, creating a positive environment for them and ensuring a dignified life.

Our child protection team works to keep children safe by putting in place activities targeting the decrease of violence and neglect of children, the increase of self-confidence and creativity, the strengthening of relations and to teach necessary peace building skills with emphasis on: dialogue, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation, non-violence, respecting and accepting differences, justice and equality, respecting rules, self-control, communication skills, team spirit, integrity, and all important ingredients for dialogue and peace.

We focus on awareness sessions tackling child marriages, children’s labor, human rights, family health, children’s education, conflicts’ resolution, self-confidence, parental guidance on traumas etc.

We ensure psychological support to children who experience trauma, or mental problems.  We also work in close coordination with families to promote positive social norms and behaviors to help prevent violence against children. We coordinate activities and support with related public and private institutions to develop protection systems.


Since 2014,

  • 300 children were assisted through child protection activities
  • 180 caregivers were trained on family protection
  • 100 families were protected from violence