Visually Impaired


The visually impaired persons represent 8% of the disabled population in Lebanon.  Their situation is difficult because most of their rights are still not respected.


After identifying multiple needs related to visually impaired persons, EQUAL was able to implement a project to empower them on gaining autonomy and confidence. Visually impaired persons have been trained to be self-sufficient in their daily living. A series of sessions targeting first aid, ironing and cooking, banking issues, swimming and taking care of personal health have been performed.


Since 2016, 45 visually impaired persons were trained on daily autonomy issues. Here are some testimonials from one of the trainers and a visually impaired person.

Handouma Sader

“My name is Handouma Sader and I have been working with visually impaired persons for the last two years.  The first year the session were performed at IGE and the second year at the school for the blind.  At the beginning, the chef and I were afraid that the beneficiaries would not be able to assimilate the knowledge and more importantly we were scared that they might harm themselves.  When we started, we realized how much they were eager to learn. The visually impaired persons taught me the patience and that nothing is impossible to anyone. I can say that these persons who really wanted to learn did a great job! My experience with them was very good and I wish we could replicate it and continue this great job.”

Noelle Tyan

“The cooking session was very beneficial.  I learned a lot of new things. As a major accomplishment, I am now able to use a knife without being scared.  Before I used to handle the knife rarely and now I am confident and can use it on daily basis.  This year I have felt that I benefitted more than last year because I married recently, and I can prepare the dishes every day.  In addition, I am being able to prepare dishes that I did not learn by taking the recipe and following it thoroughly. before, I used to be disgusted by toughing some items such as raw chicken and now this became very normal and easy. Also, the foreign dishes that were taught this year were a blast because they are different from our Lebanese cooking and it was good to cook them and invite friends over for dinner! Last but not least, working in group enriches the session because all members benefited from the questions and remarks of others. I did not like to cook before but now I love to do it especially that I can share the cooking with my husband not living alone anymore. Now, I have more initiative and I am more motivated.”